Sexy lingerie dancer

My name is Liza. I am just an ordinary girl. I am coming from one small city, but currently living in New York.  I study medical school  at day,and doing my practice in one hospital. That was my dream since I was child, to help to other people. At night, I am another person. At night, I also make people happy, but on some other way, extremely different way. Most of the time mens, somethimes there is some women but most of the time there are boys. When sun goes down, I play another role in my life, redhead who satisfy men wishes and pipe dreams!

Everything starts with my dancing career, LOL. I met one girl who has a bar, dancing night club, she offer me to come there and try to dance for rich guests. I accept because at that time I need money for my studies. I was dancer in sexy lingerie,I wore lace corsets, bustier, sexy bra and panty sets, erotic sexy lingerie etc. Somethimes I practice to change few of sexy lingeries at one night, for example from body suits I changed to sensual, erotic or even fetish lingerie. My favourite was white elegant lingerie. Place where I worked was actually one elegant place, not the bar with cheap girls, I got preety nice amount of money for just one night. Guests were rich bussines mens, singers, actors, politicians etc, one word elite. To be clear, I have never dance naked, they all wanted glamour, but sexy lingerie glamour. But, night by night and guests started to ask about me, who am I and do I work on private parties or something like that.

Menager of the club asked me do I want to work for them out of the club,that all was fun for me so I decided to accept. Because everything seems right for me, I didnt do anything bad, and the most immportant for me I felt so sexy and desirable women. When I go out on the stage I felt so confidence and I left music to be my guide while I dance in my sexy lingerie, and shake my body, showing my curves. I would gently touch my body, my sexy body, my sexy lace lingerie. I started to work as traveling dancer, going to private parties and hotel rooms, everything for my  “fans” LOL! Only for sexy dance in lingerie, some of my “fans” had strictly wish about lingerie. They usually asked for sexy lingerie, lace corsets than for some sexy thongs and bras or even bdsm lingerie. My “fans”  were from 18 years old to 60 years old, some of them even more.

The most interesting thing was that all of them have families and kids, some of them I knew from news as perfect husbands, but in reallity they were hungry beasts, hungry for another womens sexy bras and thongs. Some boys were celebrating 18 birthdays with me, with my sexy lingerie, somethimes I decides to take of some piece for them, but only if I like some boy, that was priviledge, it was not possible for everyone. I feel extremely good when I see his pipe dream comes true and he lose his mind. Sexy women and sexy lingerie is definitely reason for happy life!

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