My perfect weekend at the mountain

It was saturday, nice and a little bit cloudly day. Clouds were coming from all sides. But it didnt disturb me in the decision to go to the mountain. Later I will find out that it was amazing decision, LOL! I have breakfast,  I prepare some basic stuffs and put it in the car. I wore some warm clothes in the case of rain, so I dont get wet. My parents told me I shouldnt go because of the weather, but I didnt listen to them. While I drive to the mountain the rain already start.  Behind the road I noticed one girl. She was all wet because of the rain. She had white tshirt and I could see her big boobs under her wet clothes. I stop by road and I ask her if she want I could take her with me. I even didnt finish a sentence and she was already in my car. She said, I dont want to catch a cold, thanks for asking me, I am coming with you. I asked her where is she going, she said she should meet some friends on the mountain, but she get lost. I kindly ask her, does she want to go with me in my weekend cottage to dring some hot chocolate. She accept, and as I could see she was happy because I asked her but also in the same time she was a little bit shy.

We came to my cottage and I hurry up to make the fire. I make a hot chocolate for us and when fire started to burn so much she tok of her clothes. I was sitting on the couch and she was behind the fireplace. She was in the bra, oh dear. She was so sexy, she had sexy lace bra. It was black, tiny and it didnt cover that much. I was laughing and I told her she should get rid of that sexy bra. She just looked at me and laughed. I didnt remove my eyes from her sexy underwear. She was with me in my cottage, almost naked. Just in sexy underwear, sexy lace bra and sexy lace thongs. I imagine her body in other sexy underwear, maybe in corset or even elegant lingerie, oh dear, I was already crazy. She was in the chair behind fireplace and I couldnt resist. I came to her and asked her does she need something. She said well, maybe and she started to bite her lips. I saw that is the sign for me.

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I put her up and gently touch her boobs over that sexy bra, I called her my sexy babydoll, she didnt get angry. Next moment we were kissing behind the fireplace, while outside was raining so much.  I take off her sexy bra, and sexy thongs. I was kissing her body and  her boobs. She was touching my hard horny cock. I take her and throw on my bed and laid on her, I felt her sooo much under me and she felt me too. Than we had sex couple times.She spent weekend with me at the mountain, actually we didnt go out the bed.  That was the best day at the mountain ever. I still have a souvenir of that day. She gave me her sexy lace thongs, to keep it and remember of perfect mountain day.

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