Naughty teenage girl

I am 17 years old, I could proudly say that I am good looking. Black hair, big boobs, my butt is tight as well as the whole body because I train basketball since I know for myself.My sexy story happend after we lost great final game.
My coach is like an actor. High, with incredibly straight and wide shoulders, big hands, perfectly carved belly … perfect! He has the most magnificent green eyes, blond hair and very full  lips. I like him very much. I always liked to challenge him, wiggle my  ass, showing my big boobs.And I know that it was also pleasant to him, and interesting. He never refused to look in my direction, sometimes, so striking that it was even impertinently.So as I said everything happend after great final game.
While we were taking shower, after the game, someone knocked hard on the door. That  was a coach. He said in a weak voice that when I finished, I came to the hall to chat with me.

When I went there, he was so calm. He just told me, “Tomorrow, training at 8. You work alone, with me. “He shook his hand as a sign that I could leave. Something was suspicious to me because we  would never have a training in the late evening. Me and him alone! On this occasion, I decided to be a little bit naughty …Instead of a classic, long, basketball sorts, I dressed  one which only covered my ass. I also took one shirt, which was so tight that my boobs could each time get out of it.Under that I wear a sexy underwear, sexy white lace bra and sexy thongs. I got into training.When I arrived, he was already there. He directed me from head to toe and said, “You’re dressed well …” LOL.
And so, the game started. All the time we played, like, “accidentally”  he touched me on my ass, boobs , stomach … Well, when he was so open, I  accept the game too. Whenever he came near me, I would get caught up with him, or I would have pulled my ass right between his legs. I was a naughty girl with sexy underwear, I decided to be his sexy babydoll.
He grabbed me with both of his hands and dragged me along his body. I could feel how he got horny, he touched my ass over sorts. Moment, no one spoke. He breathed  by my neck. I felt the beautiful warmth down there.
He lowered his hands on my ass, while we were kissing all the time. He squeezed my ass, I was so charmed that I did not notice that he had taken me through the wall all the time. He opened my brush, and my boots rushed out right away from my sexy lace bra. He took my sexy bra and he smell it so strong he said that he like my sexy erotic underwear.. He brought me to the wall. I felt such a cold touch on the back of which I was so stiff, and who was unbelievably eager for me. He did not stop kissing me, then he put his hand on my boobs and set out to press them and put on my nipples. My head began to rotate ,  and all my mind was focused on a hot and wet pussy. He put his hand down my stomach and stopped when he reached the sorts. He said: ”
And now, sweetheart, let’s see what is hiding here “-with a very devil smile. He put his hand inside. He was touching me over my sexy thongs, he felt my sexy lace thongs. He took my sexy thong and split my   pussy with it.
I liked it very much, so I began to burst myself on his fingers. I sigh him by the neck and groaned while he fucked me with his fingers. For a second, I felt pity, I felt like my the entire body shakes. I was crazy, I wanted him. I wanted him deep, very deep in me. He grabbed my ass and approached his dick to my pussy. He started to lightly insert it. I felt every inch of his dick. It was such a wonderful feeling when he pushed him to the end, even though I did not believe he would succeed.After that, me and my dear coach, we had many similar encounters.

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