The night in the park

My name is Marina … I’m 30 years old and I’m not married. This is how my story begins …. I’ve been sharing messages with some guy for some time … We did not know each other, I found it on my facebook.He intrigued me. We started by chatting. The first topics were who was from where, who is dealing with what … quickly he ask me whether I love hot conversations. I said that I loved and that I wanted to try it with him.

We started to exchange messages like what everyone loves in sex, which poses he tried, to the smallest details. I was eagerly waiting him to answer my message. I was very excited and my pussy was always very wet. I often wrote and touched myself while I was waiting the message . I like to fuck, I enjoy sex, and that’s great.


He wrote that he wanted to lick my pick, suck my nipples, fuck me …. This exchange of messages lasted for a couple of months, so he once suggested that he want to talk about everything on the phone.I was confused for a moment, but I quickly agreed.The phone rang after a short time, when I said hello from the opposite side, I heard a nice male voice that told me Marina …We started talking, he told me he only had boxers on him and that he was already slowly touching his dick. I was in sweater and t-shirts.
He told me to take off naked, which I did. He wanted me to describe what I am wearing now. I said I have a sexy underwear. I had a set ,bra and panties set, sensual lingerie. I was lying on the bed naked with the phone in my hand and listening to him. I cuddle my pussy. He wanted to know what kind of underwear I preffer, he said he like luxury and erotic lingerie. We repeated this many times.But I wanted something more”If you can come to  see me at Friday, I want to fuck you,” I wrote shortly and brilliantly.The answer followed quickly “at what time and where”?I thought that the city park would be an ideal place, it’s dark, it has a bench, and it’s summer time.”City Park Friday at 21:00, is it appropriate and will you be struggling””Wait for me at the entrance to the park, I’ll come”I could not wait for Friday, I pressed myself, I neatly depilate my pussy and my ass, I wore a long purple dress, with sexy lace thongs and white sensual bra..

I arrived ten minutes earlier and waited. Soon he came, I saw in front of me a guy high about 185 cm, muscular, and quite beautiful. With a couple of swapped words, we went into the darkness. We quickly found a bench in the sloping part of the park. He sat on the bench and looked at me.
I simply picked up the dress and said take me. He put me to sit on the bench, spread my legs, and began to tongue through my pussy, I was completely wet. He lowered his jeans and gave me his dick in his hands. I immediately took it and started to suck it. We spent a wonderful night in this park, we had sex several times. No one saw us!

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