Forbidden fruit

Strange woman, married woman, even if she is beautiful and hot … oh dear. That was my wish. To hang out with a married woman. But I did not have the opportunity to do it. But, as it usually happens, life takes care of everyone. So my life fulfilled my wish. She was a blond, beautiful face and lean body. We met in the bus on the way to work. Whatever dress she was, her exquisite, luscious breasts were emphasized. As time went by, our eyes were becoming more and more intimate. Occasionally we started to exchange couple of  words, on everyday and non-trivial matters. From time to time, I would have complimented her. She liked that, I could see it.She was a very attractive woman, and married, just what I imagined  The something between us was there, I was fantasizing about her. The thought of rubbing her breasts , sucking her  big nipples, massaging tight ass, burning me in a moment. Time passed, we met again, talked about everything . So in one conversation we came to the exchange of phone numbers.After a few days of waiting, I contacted her with the first message.
I thought of her, I was thrilled by the thought of her slender figure with prominent, swollen nipples. I did not want to wait. I threw a message. One, the other, the third … From kidding  up to “serious” themes. I was holding my cock.What do you want from me? I’m a married woman.  Do not play with fire, she said at one point. I explained to her how much I would like to have her  and  to do everything to her. How fast is my pulse every time I see her.I knew it was just a question of day when we are going to catch up. When she will finally be mine. She told me that she was still married only for children. No more love. Sex was  just when she must, without fire and any passion. After a few days of correspondence, the moment when we will see ourselves was so near.  We agreed where to wait . At midnight, the street away from the building where she lives. She called me on the phone. She asked quietly and somewhat shyly where I was, what she did not look like her at all. It was very nice and cute for me. But, quite understandably, she decided to deceive her husband for the first time. And I’ll fucking a married woman for the first time. Fireworks in the announcement!
She appeared in gym suit  and shoes, I expected another outfit, but in the end – is it important? That her throat probably made me more relaxed. And I did everything to make her feel more comfortable and not feel embarrassed. We came to my place. We sat down, exchanged a few words, I embraced her and kissed her. I wanted her very much, she too. I saw a crazy desire in her eyes.  I become horny, so horny.  She did not want any drink. I went out briefly to cook the coffee that I promised. When I returned, she waited for me only in the laundry. At the moment, I fell dark on my eyes! She had black sexy underwear, oh dear. Sexy silky bra and silk thongs, I was crazy about. I liked her underwear so much, It makes me crazy. Usually it takes me crazy to see women in sexy underwear.
I handed her a hand,  she slowly  got up. I leaned her face to the wall. She leaned her palms against the wall … She was ready for what followed …

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She’s a lot wet, I’m pretty stiff. I want to explode. I unlocked my belt, lowered my jeans and pants. I wanted to cling to her with all the strength, but still I walked gently and slowly.  I dived into a glowing volcano, sprinkled with heat. She sighed. Still slowly, I explored her depths, holding my left hand for the hook, and the right behind her neck, kissing her shoulder. That caused an explosion in me!
I lowered my head between her legs. I  slipped with  my  lips against the juicy peach. I was ready, like she, to plunge into it again … This time at a slower rhythm …

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