My wife Anna and….

Anna and I are in a happy marriage and together we have two beautiful children, all in all an idyllic family. Brineta with her green eyes, she pledged attention wherever she appeared. Together, we are 14 years, of which 7 are married. We have great sex, because so many Years together makes me well know what she likes and she does the same with me, but there was always one question. I always thought about how she  would be in sex with someone else. Little by little, I realized that this thought was getting me more and more horny.

We loved talking about former lovers, so I put in a conversation so that it would be nice if she had sex with someone  before me. I saw by her answer that she also thought about it and that she also wanted to know how would that be. In our bed, we began to get more and more into the fascination of sex with another man. In the beginning I mentioned some of her former and seeing how she reacted more and more openly I began to talk about how it would be nice to have sex with another men except me. Although she refused such a thought, after the reaction of her body, I saw that the story was very hot and how time went by she began to talk about how it would be nice to try.
Our story for sex with another man was intensified .. We watched the pornographers, where she carefully followed the two of them fucking one girl, reading the stories and the experiences of other couples, I tried to make every effort to persuade her to try. The decision was always here in the air, because she wanted to try, but something in her, that education prevented her from getting rid of and enjoying what she liked sex most.

When I raised my hands a bit, one day she came in and she asked me shyly whether I still wantfor her  to fuck with someone else. I kinda said in a miracle that I wanted to, and then a shock followed. She told me that she met the boy with whom she would like to get fucked, she really likes him and he is attracted. I was wondering if she was sure what she confirmed to me. We agreed to invite him to us. That evening she  was very nervous and she was always wondering will be able to do it. I took it easy and said to relax and to be what it is and how she wants. After half an hour he appeared at the door: knowing the taste of my wife, I did not even suspect he looked good. She loved elderly older men, so he was six years older than her. We talked about various topics, we were all very nervous I decided that I would do the first thing. I looked at her and began to lightly smile, Surprised, but did not rebel. I took her skirt, her sexy red thongs and pulled my hand into panties, it was  wet. I was a little lazy and then I invited him to She just leaned back on the bed and leaned over with her hands.
We took it lightly, we kissed her all over the body. I spread her legs and started licking it while he offered his dick to smoke. She took it lightly in her mouth as if she was scared, and then, after a bit of rhythmic, she was sucked in, and in front of my eyes a beautiful scene took place, my wife, my faithful wife, pushed the other dick and saw that she liked it. She was  very excited and could not wait to sit on him. The sigh she dropped when she got into his cock stayed in my head. It was a sigh of a woman who filled her lust.
She snapped in violently, as if she wanted to prove how good she was. He turned her sigh and began to force her violently. I approached her and let her smoke. I had the feeling she would bite him. She was touched by him who never before she was in the bumps. We did it shortly afterwards, then both of her on her face, the tits, she was then happy to fall on the bed. He quickly dressed and said that he must go and we will be silent. She just kissed me and said: Thank you. I’m your real whore.

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