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Love languages. The concept was first introduced by Dr. Gary Chapman in his 1995 published book. It talks about the five different ways humans accept and prefer to receive love, now while this does not mean we each have a single language-way we like to receive love; it does mean that we could have different languages from our partner.

This can lead to frustrations such as misdirecting affection, and a feeling of hopelessness in the relationship. That’s why today I bring you the five love languages and simple ways to incorporate them in your relationship.

Words of affirmation are the first language. This means words of encouragement, and compliments are going to ways of making the person feel loved and appreciated. things such as, “you did great.”, “You look amazing.”, “I’m proud of you.”, etc.

Acts of Service is the second language. In this case, physically doing something for them is how they view love; they see love and affection in actions. This means something as simple as changing a light bulb, when they are unable to, or making them their favorite meal is ways to get to their heart.

Receiving gifts. For others, it’s the joy you give them from purchasing or making a gift that lets them know you care. In this case, it could be jewelry you saw them side-eyeing in the mall, the lingerie you know they like, or even something as simple as a new phone case.

For others it is Quality time. People with this love language enjoy spending time with their loved ones and having them in the same vicinity. Making time out during your lunch break or staying with them whenever you can, is a great way to show they are valued to you.

Touch. For others it isn’t simply about being in proximity, it’s the contact that keeps them happy. Reaching in to hold their hand, a soft peck on the forehead or cheek, all of these are perfect ways to communicate affection to them.

Hope you found these tips helpful!

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