Jenna’s New Job.



Jenna stood nervously in front of the shop wrist shaking as she became oddly more aware of her surroundings and the very role, she played in it. oh, this was bullocks, how had she gotten herself into this mess! It was a minute to seven which meant customers would be rolling in by the dozen in a minute, damn. She had really done it this time.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

She shook her legs nervously ticking the heels of her stilettos against the tiled floor as she did her best to distract herself from what was coming. She heard a whistle and turned; it was one of the guys fixing up the back room. She turned a dark shade of crimson, god she hoped no one she knew came to this stupid thing.

“looking good baby.” It was the same man from before, she rolled her eyes at that. Of course, he thought she looked good, she was half-naked dressed in a tight fitted sheer lace one-piece lingerie suit that did very little to conceal what was beneath. Her large breast practically breaking loose from the top section. The back of the lingerie teddy was a thong that exposed her butt, the closest thing she had to actual clothes were the black lace knee-high socks she’d been given, and of course the stilettos, who could forget those.

Her mind raced back to the day, two weeks ago when she’d been given the job before she’d known what she was really signing up for.

“We sell erotic lingerie” Jonathan had said simply. That hadn’t bothered her, the job description was for a salesgirl. Her dad owned a car dealership, she could sell anything and besides she needed the money.

“I can do that,” she said out loud, he had simply nodded.

“Our clients spend a lot of money to buy sexy lingerie, we just need you to make sure our clients have a good feel of what they are buying.” She exhaled at the memory; she hadn’t known he was being literal.

The lights came on, sending her out of her thoughts and guest began to come in, only a few at a time. She stood smiling, waiting for the inevitable to happen. And then it did.

A lady who looked to be in her thirties walked up to her smiling, “what piece are you wearing?”

“it’s the vibrator teddy lingerie ma’am, it is soft and comfortable, plus it fits like a glove.” She motioned, showing off the curve of her body in the teddy. The woman nodded, stepping back with a smile.

She sighed in relief, then caught Jonathan staring daggers at her.

“You are-you are always welcome to feel the material for a better experience.” She stuttered at first before finishing the statement, her eyes opened in understanding. “oh, can I really?”

“of course.”

Using her free hands, the lady began to touch Jenna’s body lightly at first, stroking her sides and back area slowly, examining the way the feel of the material. Moving her hands up she took a nipple between two fingers and squeezed lightly, “it is really soft.” She said, before getting a little rougher, Jenna moaned softly unable to hide her arousal as the woman continued to stroke her nipple, groping her breast with less resignation.

Letting go of one breast she let her hands trace down Jenna’s mid rift to the top her lower region, Jenna inhaled deeply knowing what would be coming next.

“oh!” the lady said through jagged breath clearly equally as aroused to be groping Jenna in public, “this is a surprise.” Jenna squeezed her eyes shut when she felt the cool contact of the stranger’s fingers against her naked pussy lips, while she rubbed slowly.

“the vibrator is attached to the clit area, leaving room for penetration-oh!” she said giving the description she had been taught earlier on in the day but gasped once the woman’s fingers found their way into her wet hole. “It’s a little wet” the lady called to Jenna, if anyone were hearing their conversation they would think she was talking about the lingerie and not Jenna’s soaking pussy, pussy that was currently being finger fucked by three fingers. Jenna began to rock slowly in tune with the motions the customer’s fingers were making as she stroked her.

“You are welcome to try the vibrator setting.” Both Jenna and the lady looked up to find Jonathan standing next to them, both completely distracted by their lust.


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