Jennas New Job Pt. 2


“Our store caters to the finest of clientele, when you chose to buy lingerie in Canada  and choose our stores, we commit to making sure you know how effective our items are.” Jonathan stood next to Jenna and the lady, his eyes never wandering away from Jenna’s as he spoke to the client. It was clear that he was taking a sick pleasure from watching her submit and sum under the fingers of strangers.

Jonathan was tall and charismatic his dark skin and lean build was only enhanced by his sultry but deep baritone voice that resonated through the room. He was dressed in a simple dark suit with the lapels left unbuttoned at the tp. Jonathan oozed a level of sensuality that Jenna had only ever read about. She remembered how beautiful she had considered him the first time they had met, even behind his reading glasses his piercing dark brown eyes were soul searchers that had found something in her that day, she was not comfortable admitting existed. Even as he spoke evenly, she could feel the sexual tension that radiated from his casual stance next to the client.

It was clear that Jenna was not the only one who felt compelled to his aura, the lady mindlessly collected the remote she was offered, sliding her fingers over the square-shaped object making no move to apply pleasure as she listened to the words that came from Jonathan’s lips in a sing-song voice.

Jenna wanted to scream, but she remembered her rent was due, and how much she was being paid to work the job. Fine, she would not complain, no matter how degrading the situation was. Besides the woman had brought Jenna to orgasm no matter how conflicted Jenna had felt. At that moment she felt the buzz start, or at least her clitoris did. Shivering she quivered under the light buzzing of the bodysuit. Since the cut was designed to give access to the vagina while the clit vibrator clipped unto the clit in a snug fit, Jenna could feel both the light breeze in the cool room and the vibrations from the sex toy. “ooh”

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She could no longer control the wave of pleasure as the client increased the pace of the vibrator. Jonathan continued to speak in a methodical manner, as though Jenna weren’t about to squirt over the four-figure lingerie. “res assured if you need time to think about it, we offer an exclusive code to allow our clients buy lingerie online in Canada       from us.” Jenna couldn’t concentrate anymore; the tempo had been increased once more and the friction of the toy against her naked clit was enveloping her. “oh god…oh yes.”





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